The Mead Farm Dairy - A business branding shoot

A little while ago, I had an email asking if I would be interested in doing a shoot with a family of a dog, some chickens, and some cows!  Well, I can't begin to describe how excited and intrigued I was!

Before the shoot, Izabela and I sat down together in her kitchen and discussed just what it was she wanted from her session, as well as the kinds of things she didn't - which can be just as important.  She was looking for photographs that she and her husband Laurence could use on their website to illustrate their business branding, with emphasis on the family interacting with their animals and using the products from the dairy.  We talked about individual shots that she wanted, where we might shoot, and we went through my guide on what to wear so that there would be no clashes.  All set!

Don't believe that old saying "never work with children or animals", this shoot was loads of fun!  Making a plan but being flexible and having alternatives at the ready is what it's all about when working with little ones or with our four-legged friends.  The cows didn't seem to be particularly bothered by my camera (although the chickens seemed less keen), but they did seem curious about what I was doing lying down in their field!  

I'm really looking forward to seeing Mead Farm Dairy blossom and grow, and with Izabela and Laurence's hard work I'm sure it will.  Wishing you all every success!