Why you should print your photographs - the power of the print

Today would have been the birthday of this lovely lady - isn't she beautiful? I feel very blessed to have this print, it's up in my office so I see it nearly every day.


What you won't see from this quick snap is just how gorgeous it is - the light in her eyes, how her skin seems to glow, the fine texture of the grain and the wonderful tactile quality of the mount. Hard to believe how old it is - the lady is my grandmother and she's just 21 in this photo, which makes it not far off 100 years old.

I love how, when I look at her, I can see my mother, my aunts, my cousins, and my sisters; I can also see the features that have passed down to the next generation in my cousins' children.  How, even though I didn't know her at this age, I remember her as I knew her when I was a child, with her bright, bright smile and her open arms.  It re-connects me to my family and gives me roots.

Being able to see this photo the way I do means such a lot, which is why I'm a big advocate for printing your photographs, and printing your professionally-taken photographs in the best way possible. A beautifully-presented print or product makes you catch your breath and linger in a way that a digital image can't, plus prints are outlasting digitals in their accessibility (but more on that on another day!)

Happy birthday, Nanny, we love you. x