Your privacy matters

You might have heard recently about something called fact, if you're anything like me you've probably had a bunch of emails from various companies asking you to opt in to receiving emails from them...

GDPR is a new set of Data Protection laws that come into force on 25th May.  In a nutshell, it means that companies have to tell you what data they collect from you, how they collect it, what they use it for and why.  It also gives you as the consumer more rights - you now have the right to ask companies what data they hold on you, the right to correct your data, to ask them to delete your data, or to request a person processes your data rather than a machine, amongst others (if you want to read more about GDPR and your rights, the Information Commissioner's Office has all of the information you need - just click here.  

Your data and the handling of it is taken very seriously by me and my company.  I value my clients very highly and strive to provide the best experience in every way, including knowing that all of  your data is safe and secure and will only be used with your explicit agreement.  My Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are both available online, and your photos will only be used in the ways to which you actively consent.  And if you change your mind at any time, you just have to email me.

So don't worry, rest easy!

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