18 month old child photo shoot

Just before Christmas, this gorgeous little lady came to say hello! We did a lot of singing, but even though it was late December we didn’t sing any carols…I think her Mum & Dad were quite impressed with the range of Disney songs I know!

With just a couple of subtle tweaks, I created two quite different looks for K’s photo session - one more colourful and energetic and the other more peaceful and serene, but both looks work together to create a cohesive gallery.


Studio photoshoots like this one are generally only an hour long and are currently priced at £45 - no price increase from last year! There’s no substitute for beautiful, high quality, professional photography, so if you’re thinking of booking a studio portrait shoot for your little girl or boy, call me on 07711 293847 or email me at cary@carysmart.com for a chat.