newborn baby photos Newport Gwent

My baby is already a week old, is it too late to book a session?

No, not at all!  Get in touch via my contact page or on 07711 293847 and we'll find a date.  Babies over two weeks old may not be as curled up as they were but it's still completely possible to create beautiful photographs.

How long will the session take? 

My newborn photo sessions take between 2 and 4 hours. These are completely baby-led - that is, your baby’s comfort and well-being is central to the whole experience. I will soothe your baby to sleep and then gently pose, support and photograph him/her, taking breaks for top-up feeds, nappy changes and cuddles as needed. It may sound a little bit long, but parents generally find the whole experience relaxing and even fascinating. We can include parent, sibling and family shots as well, if you’d like them. I never book newborn sessions back-to-back and your whole photography experience will never feel rushed.

Portrait sessions for children and families are 1-2 hours long.  I won't ever rush you to stay within a time-limit, nor do I book sessions back-to-back, so there won't be any clock-watching and you'll never feel like you're on a conveyor belt.  I run the session according to the youngest person or the one with the most needs and if we need to take little breaks to keep them content, then that's what we do.

Photo shoots for older babies are approximately 45-60 minutes long and again are run according to the baby's needs.  These sessions are fairly short to ensure that your baby is happy and smiley throughout, and not getting too tired for the last few shots.

How many photographs will there be to choose from?

For child & family sessions, there will be somewhere between 20 and 30 images for you to choose from.

Newborn galleries will contain approximately 20-25 images.

Older baby galleries will contain approximately 20 images.

What kind of products do you sell?

A wide range!  Framed prints are as popular as they ever were, with sizes starting at 8" x 12".  I offer a wide range of wall art, including  single acrylics, acrylic clusters, art blocks and my stunning signature frame, plus fine art portfolio boxes and the breathtaking Reveal Box.  Please do get in touch here if you would like to see my full product guide.

Do you sell digitals?

Yes! With every framed print, acrylic or art block you receive the digital file as well. I also provide the digital files alongside the photographs selected for the Reveal Box, Portfolio Box, and Print Box.

What if it rains?

One thing we can't rely on is the good old British weather!  When we book a firm date for your outdoors photo shoot, we'll note down a contingency date as well, just in case.  If it's raining cats and dogs, then we won't go ahead with the session if there's no cover - I'll be at our location early to check out the situation and I'll get in touch before you leave home if I think we should reschedule.  If it's simply overcast, then we'll more than likely go ahead...believe it or not, grey skies actually create lovely light for photographing!

What if my child is ill?

Bugs do go around, and a little one who is ill is usually pretty miserable and won't be up for a photoshoot, no matter how much fun I make it!  This is where the contingency date comes into play again.  As the parent, you'll be in the best position to determine whether your child will be happy to come to your session and your judgement is what counts here.  If you have booked a newborn shoot and your baby is unwell then we will automatically reschedule. If your newborn baby needs to stay in hospital for a while after birth, just let me know - your photo session will still take place, we’ll arrange a date for when your baby has come home.